The current market operation, volatility, uncertainty and business complexity risks are ever changing and influencing companies to implement digital transformation to reduce such risks. Digitalization in the context of end-to-end Visibility, Transparency, Predictability and Adaptability of the demand-supply chain ecosystem are taking unprecedented importance to enterprise businesses for resilience, agility and unification.

To continue achieving business success and to attain ultimate goal:

Self-governing intelligent adaptability

Decision making involved external factors based upon a large number of uncertainties and imaginations. We are here to render our helping hands to turn your challenges into solutions.

Our Vision

Develop and deploy a revolutionary industry-level demand-supply chain solution in meeting the four milestone requirements set forth by Industry 4.0.

Re-write the present global demand-supply chain ecosystem information flow game rules.

Our Mission


Remove barriers along information flow of the complex industry-level demand-supply chain.


Synergize among each demand-supply chain parties using several collaborative models using jungle rules of competition and subsequently arrive optimization in various aspects of demand-supply chain.


ZHTech masterminded a self-learning, self-adaptive and self-governance product - “iRIMAU”.

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ZHTech begins the deployment in Malaysia in 2021 as the piloted site and we have kept discussing a number of matters with government authorities at different levels. For the first version of deployment, ZHTech is confined to made-to-order (MTO) or engineer-to-order (ETO) discrete manufacturing ecosystem. Within next one to two years, we plan to capture the local market by 30% and will explore and expand into different countries and regions within next few years. Our aim is for global.