Wuhan Algorithm

A SOCIAL RESPOSIBILITY Initiative of Malaysian IT/IS Professionals during CoVID-19 Outbreak

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What can Malaysian IT/IS community contribute supporting the combat of CoVID-19 outbreak? This was the question being put forth when we met to explore our SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY in between a day after the announcement and a day before the implementation of the restriction of movement nationwide as a critical countermeasure to CoVID-19 outbreak.

We, as members in Malaysian IT community, opine that it is our undoubted SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY to devote our know-hows in various aspects of IT to facilitate the endeavor towards mitigating CoVID-19 outbreak and thereafter eliminating its threats.

Henceforth, we have taken an initiative to set up this forum to:

  1. GATHER as many as possible IT/IS professionals in programming/coding, designing, networking/infrastructure, data science, artificial intelligence, IoT, technical writing to work on pro bono basis to swiftly deliver the required information systems.
  2. GATHER the relevant domain experts to identify and articulate the requirements of those information systems in needed.
  3. BRAINSTORM ideas as to what information systems should be introduced to bettering the efforts of mitigating CoVID-19 outbreak and thereafter eliminating its threats.
  4. PUBLISH the relevant information systems or Apps you have developed and encourage for deployment in good faith.
  5. EMBODY a sense of warm caring society rather than merely confining at cool-blooded machinery computations and settings.

We shall go through our contacts in China to learn from and synergize with Chinese IT/IS counterparts who have undergone similar initiatives. And we are grateful that YB Dr. Dr Lee Boon Chye, the former deputy health minister, has given his consent and support to this initiative.

CoVID-19 was said to be coming from Wuhan and was previously labelled as Wuhan Virus in mass communication until an official name, CoVID-19, was introduced by WHO and adopted worldwide thereafter. To this end, the name of Wuhan as a famous historic city in China has been somewhat tarnished. On the other hand, the term Algorithm, which commonly used in machinery computation, serves as a representative label for IT/IS community. We therefore introduce the naming of this SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY initiative of Malaysian IT/IS community as Wuhan Algorithm.

For more information, contact us at:

Lim Teik Han

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