What Is Ahead of Us?

When iRIMAU takes care of numerous issues that cannot be settled using typical supply chain software or enterprise resource planning software, we can create many competitive advantage positioning and opportunities. These positioning and opportunities have consistently established with the utilization of data science techniques to evolve competitive advantage. We are confident that iRIMAU will shake the world of demand-supply chain ecosystem, and it may be a milestone solution in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Our Achievements


The Journey


Ready to embark on pilot implementation via Vertical Industy Partner

2019 - 2020

Develop simple prototype

April 2018

Fundraising in Malaysia

December 2018

Discuss with Chinese Academy of Engineering

January 2017

Have MIT supply chain professors

January 2017

Proposed iRIMAU to Wuhan, China & accepted

December 2015

Valid Beijing CCID to bring up "Federated Smart Manufacturing Ecosystem"

October 2015

Tripartite Agreement: Softegic-MIMOS-Shanghai Partner